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A few years ago I came to the realisation that life was passing me by and I wasn't really living it. I was spending too much time watching television and not enough time getting out and exploring this wonderful world we live in.

Thus began my adventures. I started making plans, at least one thing every weekend to ensure that I was getting out into the world. Australia is an incredible country and Victoria in particular has so much to see and do. 

I started posting photos on my Instagram account and all of my friends and family began commenting on all the fun I seemed to be having. Eventually someone suggested I put it all into a blog and so Stories from Somewhere was born.

My goal here is to hopefully capture great adventures and highlight some of the wonderful places we can visit in this wide world. I hope you find my site informative and entertaining and please be sure to like or leave a comment on any posts that inspire you. 

Until next time,

Nat x

Wearing 6 layers of clothes and 3 pairs
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