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Devil's Tear and Dream Beach

When it comes to visiting exotic places you've seen on Instagram or the internet, you can have some rather high expectations of what you'll find. The reality however, can sometimes be quite different. I had that same experience on my visit to the Devil's Tear and Dream Beach in Nusa Lembongan. Below, I want to show you both the beauty of these places, as well as the reality of what to expect.

Devil's Tear is a small coastal area where the rocky coastline gets pummeled by the breaking waves on the beautiful island of Nusa Lembongan. There is one particular area that has been eroded to form a semi-circle in the cliff and when the waves hit it forms a blowhole. This is known as the Devil's Tear. (Click through the images below to see how beautiful it is.)

(Scroll through the photos above to see the beauty of the Devil's Tear)

Many tourists visit this area and it's incredibly dangerous due to the slippery rocks and the turbulent waters. The view is stunning though, the water is crystal blue and the noise is deafening.

Now, before I continue on, here's the thing you need to know about the reality of all the sightseeing you'll be doing on the Nusa Islands versus the Instagram photos you've seen online - you're never alone.

In the photos above it looks like there's not another soul in sight and that the rocks are empty, but that's just because I've taken these photos at the right angle. Throughout this blog post I'm going to try and give you a glimpse into what the reality is of each location, and here's what Devil's Tear really looks like...

(If you click through to the second photo you can see a close up of the little stalls at the top of the cliffs that sell drinks and snacks as well as touristy stuff.)

As you can see, there were tonnes of people there and so in order to get those great pics that make it look like you're the only one, you have to be clever with your angle. Also, it doesn't hurt to ask people to move aside so you can take a pic.

While Devil's Tear is wild and quite dangerous considering the lack of safety barriers, Dream Beach on the other hand, is a protected little cove surrounded by cliffs. Just up the road from Devil's Tear, it's a perfect place to grab a Bintang and watch the waves roll in.

To get to this little beach you literally only have to drive for a couple of minutes as it's just up the road from Devil's Tear. It's not the prettiest of beaches but the water is a really nice colour and it's an ok spot to take a dip as it's quite protected but the current can be pretty strong.

Again though, the above photo was taken at the right angle. Below is a look at what the rest of this beach looks like...

Both of these locations are lovely though, and well worth a look if you're visiting the island. You'll need to hire a scooter or a driver to take you which can be a little pricey (the little trucks are surprisingly expensive at roughly $10AUD a trip), but really the only way to get around.

I hope you find these photos and my insights helpful, I want to help people understand exactly what these places are like and to help manage expectations. If you've visited the Devil's Tear or Dream Beach, let me know in the comments below.

Until next time,

Nat x

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